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Latest articles

Automatically Update Submodules with GitHub Action

Learn how to automatically update submodules in your projects using GitHub Actions.

Understanding Python Escape Characters and What \n Means

Learn about Python escape characters, including the meaning behind \n, and how to use them effectively in your code.

Python Lists: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Learn how to create an empty list in Python and work with lists through this comprehensive tutorial.

How to Update, Upgrade, and Downgrade Your Python Version

Learn how to update, upgrade, and downgrade your Python version to stay up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements, and security patches.

Python Base64 Encoding: A Guide for Strings and Images

Learn how to use Python to encode strings and images using base64 with this detailed guide, covering the built-in base64 library.

How unique are UUIDs?

An exploration of the uniqueness of UUIDs (v4).

What are the differences between UUID versions?

A comparison of the different UUID versions, and when to use them.

Understanding JSON and its use cases

An introduction to JSON, its structure, and its various applications.

Base64 Encoding and Decoding explained

Discover how Base64 encoding works, and why we use it.

What is URL Encoding and when to use it

Explore URL encoding, its purpose, and how to effectively use it.

Understanding Hashing

Dive into the world of hashing, the various algorithms and their use cases.

Decoding and Validating JWT

Understand JWT, how to decode it, and validate its signature.

Understanding CSV and its Use Cases

An introduction to CSV, its structure, and its various applications.

JSON vs CSV: A Comparison

A comparison of JSON vs CSV, what their strengths are and when to use each one.

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Code Snippets

C# Decode JWT

This guide provide insights on decoding JWT in C#. The snippet below demonstrates a practical example of JWT decoding using C#.

Python JWT Decode

This page provides a useful Python snippet for decoding JWT. It's a handy resource for developers seeking to understand and utilise JWT handling in the Python language.

UUID V4 Generator

This snippet page provides a succinct and efficient UUID V4 generator in JavaScript.

Golang UUID V4

This page provides details and a Golang snippet on how to generate a UUID version 4.

Powershell Md5 Hash

Learn how to use Powershell to generate an MD5 hash with our detailed and easy-to-follow code snippet.

React Local Storage

This snippet provides an introduction to using local storage with React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

C# MD5 Hash

Learn how to generate the MD5 hash of a string in C#. This snippet provides a simple and efficient way to do it.

Golang MD5 Hash

Learn how to generate an MD5 hash in Golang with a step-by-step guide and code snippet.

Hashtable JavaScript

This snippet displays how to implement and use a hashtable in JavaScript.

Javascript Read CSV

A concise, practical guide to reading CSV files in JavaScript. This snippet presents a common yet powerful method to extract and use data stored in CSV format.

Bubble Sort JavaScript

This snippet provides a concise guide on how to implement Bubble Sort in JavaScript. It includes code and a step by step explanation.


This snippet provides a quick, efficient way to generate UUIDs using the npm UUID v4 module.


Explore how to optimally use LocalStorage in programming, including storing, retrieving, and deleting data.

Rust Base64

This snippet page provides an example of using Base64 encoding and decoding within the Rust programming language.

Rust UUIDV4 Crate

An example snippet of how to generate a UUID v4 in Rust.

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