Articles tagged with python

Understanding Python Escape Characters and What \n Means

Learn about Python escape characters, including the meaning behind \n, and how to use them effectively in your code.

How to Decode JWT in Python

Learn how to decode JWT in Python using jwt.decode Python method.

Python Substring: How to Extract Substrings with Clear Examples

Learn how to extract substrings in Python using various methods, such as slicing, split(), and regular expressions, with clear examples.

Python Enum: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

This comprehensive guide teaches you how Enums work in Python, complete with clear examples and applications.

How to Update, Upgrade, and Downgrade Your Python Version

Learn how to update, upgrade, and downgrade your Python version to stay up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements, and security patches.

Python Base64 Encoding: A Guide for Strings and Images

Learn how to use Python to encode strings and images using base64 with this detailed guide, covering the built-in base64 library.

Python Lists: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Learn how to create an empty list in Python and work with lists through this comprehensive tutorial.