JSON Formatter/Viewer

Format, minify, visualize and validate JSON.


How to use our JSON Tool

The JSON Tool provides a user-friendly way to format, minify, and visualize JSON data. To use it, simply input your JSON data into the provided text area. The tool will automatically parse and visualize your JSON data.

Format and Minify JSON

JSON is often used with human-readable whitespaces, indentation, and line breaks to make the data structure clear. The 'Format' function of our tool beautifies the JSON data by adding these elements. On the other hand, to save bandwidth or to use JSON data in a URL, you might want to minify the JSON data. The 'Minify' function removes unnecessary white spaces, indentation, and line breaks.

Visualizing JSON

The JSON visualizer provides a way to intuitively understand the structure of your JSON data. It takes the input JSON data and displays it in a structured, tree-like format. This feature is particularly useful when working with large, complex JSON data.

Handling Errors

If you input an invalid JSON data, the tool will display an error message. To resolve this, ensure that your JSON data is correctly formatted. For example, make sure that all strings are enclosed in double quotes, array items are separated by commas, and the entire JSON data is enclosed within curly braces (for an object) or square brackets (for an array).

More about JSON

JSON, short for JavaScript Object Notation, is a simple, compact, and popular way to exchange data. It's text-based and human-friendly, making it easy to create and understand. Meanwhile, machines find it straightforward to read and produce.

You can learn more about JSON on the official website.