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How unique are UUIDs?

An exploration of the uniqueness of UUIDs (v4).

What are the differences between UUID versions?

A comparison of the different UUID versions, and when to use them.

Understanding JSON and its use cases

An introduction to JSON, its structure, and its various applications.

Base64 Encoding and Decoding explained

Discover how Base64 encoding works, and why we use it.

What is URL Encoding and when to use it

Explore URL encoding, its purpose, and how to effectively use it.

Understanding Hashing

Dive into the world of hashing, the various algorithms and their use cases.

Decoding and Validating JWT

Understand JWT, how to decode it, and validate its signature.

Understanding CSV and its Use Cases

An introduction to CSV, its structure, and its various applications.

JSON vs CSV: A Comparison

A comparison of JSON vs CSV, what their strengths are and when to use each one.

Rust Convert String to Base64

Learn how to encode and decode Base64 strings in Rust using the base64 crate.

What is Base64 Encoding Used For

Discover what Base64 encoding is used for, its common use cases, and its role in safe data transmission. Learn why it’s not an ideal data encryption method.

Github Actions Checkout

Learn how to use the Github Actions checkout feature to automate tasks in your development cycle.

Understanding Python Escape Characters and What \n Means

Learn about Python escape characters, including the meaning behind \n, and how to use them effectively in your code.

URL Unsafe Characters and How to Handle Them

Learn about URL unsafe characters, their impact on web navigation, and how to properly handle and encode them for seamless browsing experiences.

The Rust Programming Language Explained

Explore the Rust programming language, its use cases, who benefits from it, and why it's a preferred choice for high-performance development.

How to Decode JWT in Python

Learn how to decode JWT in Python using jwt.decode Python method.

Golang Decode JWT: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to decode and verify JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) in GoLang with this comprehensive guide.

Enums in Go: Understanding Golang Enums with Examples

Learn how to create and work with enums in Go, even though the language does not have built-in enum support.

Test GitHub Actions Locally: A Comprehensive Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn how to set up and test GitHub Actions locally to streamline your development process and enhance your CI/CD workflows.

Understanding Golang Generics: Functions and Examples

Learn about Golang generics, understand the concept of generic functions and types, and explore examples of how to use them.

Golang For Loop: Mastering Iteration Methods with Examples

Learn how to use Golang for loop and different methods of iteration in Go through examples.

Golang Switch: Working with Switch Statements in Go

Learn about Golang switch statements with examples, covering basic syntax, multiple case values, and switch statements with no expression.

Github Actions Matrix

Learn how to use matrix with Github Actions to create efficient and dynamic workflows across multiple environments.

Working with Dates and Time in Golang: Practical Examples

Learn how to work with dates and time in Golang with practical examples, including creating, formatting, arithmetic, and timezone operations.

Splice JavaScript Function Explained with Examples

Learn about the splice() function in JavaScript, its syntax, and how to use it with clear examples.

Java vs JavaScript: Explaining the Key Differences

An article exploring the key differences between Java and JavaScript, accompanied by clear examples.

JavaScript Reduce Function: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how the JavaScript reduce function works with clear examples and explanations.

JavaScript Substring: Efficient Methods with Examples

Learn how to get substrings in JavaScript using different methods like substring(), slice(), and substr() with clear examples.

Javascript FlatMap: An In-Depth Guide and Tutorial

Learn about Javascript's FlatMap function, its uses, and how it works in this detailed and informative guide.

JavaScript's Slice and Splice Functions: A Comparison

Discover the differences between JavaScript's slice and splice methods, their functionality, and how they can be used effectively.

JavaScript indexOf Function: Explanation and Examples

Learn about the JavaScript indexOf function, its use, and examples in both arrays and strings.

Mastering the JavaScript Set Function: Examples & Concepts

Learn how to use the JavaScript Set function with examples and concepts to effectively manage unique values in your code.

Understanding Array Sorting in JavaScript

Learn how to sort arrays in JavaScript with clear examples and explanations, including numeric and custom sorting.

Understanding the Includes Function in JavaScript

Learn about the includes function in JavaScript, which checks whether a value is present in an array or substring in a string. This article also provides helpful examples.

JavaScript parseInt Function

Learn everything about JavaScript's parseInt function, including its syntax, usage examples, and potential issues.

Understanding JavaScript Array Length and its Methods

Discover how to work with JavaScript array length, access, modify and utilize the length property in various operations and functions.

Understanding the JavaScript Push Function with Examples

Learn about the JavaScript push function, its syntax, and how it can be used to add elements to arrays.

Explaining the JavaScript Join Function with Clear Examples

Learn about the JavaScript join function and its uses, with clear examples to enhance your understanding.

Python Substring: How to Extract Substrings with Clear Examples

Learn how to extract substrings in Python using various methods, such as slicing, split(), and regular expressions, with clear examples.

Python Enum: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

This comprehensive guide teaches you how Enums work in Python, complete with clear examples and applications.

Golang: Converting Between Integers and Strings

Learn how to convert between common data types in Go, with a focus on integer and string conversions.

Setting Environment Variables in GitHub Actions

Learn how to effectively set environment variables in GitHub Actions with this detailed and informative tutorial.

How to Update, Upgrade, and Downgrade Your Python Version

Learn how to update, upgrade, and downgrade your Python version to stay up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements, and security patches.

Rust MD5 Hash Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial on how to perform MD5 hashing in Rust with examples and useful explanations.

Python Base64 Encoding: A Guide for Strings and Images

Learn how to use Python to encode strings and images using base64 with this detailed guide, covering the built-in base64 library.


Learn how to generate and work with UUIDs in Rust using the Rust UUID v4 crate.

Slice in JavaScript: Function Explained with Examples

Learn about the slice function in JavaScript, its syntax, usage, and see clear examples to understand its capabilities.

Python Lists: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Learn how to create an empty list in Python and work with lists through this comprehensive tutorial.

Automatically Update Submodules with GitHub Action

Learn how to automatically update submodules in your projects using GitHub Actions.