Understanding Rust Error E0751

Introduction to Rust Error E0751

Rust Error E0751 occurs when there are both positive and negative trait implementations for the same type. This error usually manifests itself as a compilation error. In this article, we will discuss what this error means, how it occurs, and how to fix it.

What is a Trait in Rust?

In Rust, a trait is a way to abstract behaviors and actions that different types can share. Traits provide a set of methods that can be implemented by any type, and they define the expected behavior of that type. Traits allow developers to enforce that certain types implement specific behavior, which ensures a consistent and predictable structure across different types.

Positive and Negative Trait Implementations

In Rust, you can have two types of trait implementations, positive and negative. A positive trait implementation indicates that a specific type implements the trait. On the other hand, a negative trait implementation declares that a specific type does not implement the trait, essentially promising that the trait will never be implemented for that type.

Example of Rust Error E0751

Here's an example that demonstrates when Rust Error E0751 occurs:

trait MyTrait {}

impl MyTrait for i32 { }

impl !MyTrait for i32 { }
// Error: conflicting implementations of trait `MyTrait` for type `i32`:

In this example, we have defined a trait called `MyTrait` and provided both a positive and a negative implementation for the type `i32`. This results in Rust Error E0751 because we cannot have both implementations at the same time.

How to Fix Rust Error E0751

To fix Rust Error E0751, you need to remove either the positive or the negative trait implementation for the conflicting type. In most cases, you would want to keep the positive implementation and remove the negative one, provided that the type should indeed implement the trait.

Here's the corrected version of the example without the error:

trait MyTrait {}

impl MyTrait for i32 { }

// The negative implementation has been removed.
// impl !MyTrait for i32 { }
// No error:

By removing the conflicting negative implementation, we have resolved Rust Error E0751.


Rust Error E0751 occurs when there are conflicting trait implementations for the same type. To fix this error, determine whether the conflicting type should implement the trait or not, and remove either the positive or negative implementation accordingly. Having a clear understanding of trait implementations in Rust will help you avoid this error and maintain consistent behavior across different types in your code.