Understanding Rust Error E0697: Closure Used as Static

Rust Error E0697: Closure Used as Static

Rust Error E0697 occurs when a closure is incorrectly used as a 'static' in the code. This error arises because closures inherently 'capture' their environment and a 'static' closure would try to save a static environment that only consists of variables with a static lifetime. The solution is to either remove the static keyword or use a proper function instead of a closure.

Example of Erroneous Code:

fn main() {
    static || {}; // used as `static`

Closures vs Functions

The main difference between closures and functions is that closures are able to capture and store their environment, while functions cannot. Functions are better-suited for defining static behavior, whereas closures are more appropriate for dynamic behavior within specific contexts.

Fixing Rust Error E0697 by Removing the Static Keyword

One simple solution to resolve Rust Error E0697 is to remove the static keyword. This change allows the closure to properly capture its environment without any issues.

Corrected Code:

fn main() {
    || {}; // closure without `static`

Fixing Rust Error E0697 by Using a Proper Function

Another approach to fix Rust Error E0697 is to replace the closure with a proper function. This change provides a static implementation that doesn't rely on capturing the environment.

Corrected Code with Function:

fn called_function() {}

fn main() {
    static my_static_fn: fn() = called_function;


Rust Error E0697 occurs when a closure is mistakenly used as a static, leading to an incorrect environment capture. Use a proper function or remove the static keyword to resolve the error. Properly understanding the distinction between closures and functions allows for more effective resolution of the error and better application of closures and functions in Rust.