Understanding and Resolving Rust Error E0640

A Comprehensive Guide to Rust Error E0640

Rust Error E0640 is an internal compiler error that is not emitted with normal Rust code. Although this error is rarely encountered, understanding its origin and possible resolutions can be beneficial for Rust developers.

What Causes Rust Error E0640?

Error E0640 results from a bug or an issue in the Rust compiler itself. It does not arise from incorrect or invalid Rust code. When this error occurs, it is the responsibility of the Rust development team to address it.

How to Handle Rust Error E0640?

Since Rust Error E0640 is an internal compiler error, there is no direct action a programmer can take to resolve it. However, some general steps can be taken to assist the Rust development team in addressing the issue:

1. Report the Issue

If you encounter Rust Error E0640, it is essential to report the issue to the Rust development team. Rust has an official GitHub repository where developers can submit bug reports. Make sure to provide relevant information such as your compiler version, operating system, and a minimal reproducible code example.

2. Upgrade the Compiler

In some cases, upgrading to a newer version of the Rust compiler might resolve the error. The latest stable release is recommended as it contains the most up-to-date bug fixes:

$ rustup update stable

3. Use a Different Compiler Channel

Alternatively, switching to a different compiler channel (i.e., nightly or beta) may resolve the issue. While these versions may not be as stable as the official release, they may include recent bug fixes that address E0640:

$ rustup update nightly
$ rustup update beta


Rust Error E0640 is an internal compiler error, which means it is not caused by invalid or incorrect Rust code. While the responsibility for resolving this error falls onto the Rust development team, developers experiencing this error can help by reporting the issue to the official Rust GitHub repository and upgrading their compiler or using a different compiler channel.