Understanding Rust Error E0570: Unsupported ABI

Introduction to Rust Error E0570

Rust Error E0570 occurs when the requested ABI (Application Binary Interface) is not supported by the current target. The Rust compiler maintains a list of unsupported ABIs for each target. An ABI found in this list typically means that the target/ABI combination is not supported by LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine), a collection of compiler and toolchain technologies used by Rust.

Circumventing Unsupported ABIs

If necessary, it is possible to bypass this check using custom target specifications. Keep in mind that doing so risks encountering unpredictable behavior or incompatible code generation.

Example Scenario: Encountering Error E0570

Consider the following Rust code example:

extern "C" {
    fn unsupported_abi_function();

fn main() {
    unsafe {

In this case, the code tries to import an extern function with the C ABI, which may not be supported by the current target. When attempting to compile, the Rust compiler would produce Error E0570.

Possible Solutions for Error E0570

1. Check for the correct ABI: Ensure that your code uses the appropriate ABI supported by the target. Verify the target documentation for a list of supported ABIs.

2. Use a custom target specification: While less recommended, you can use a custom target specification to bypass the unsupported ABI check. Understand that this can lead to unpredictable behavior and incompatibilities.


Rust Error E0570 highlights an ABI that is unsupported by the current target. Ensuring the correct ABI usage, or using custom target specifications when necessary, can resolve this error. However, it is important to be cautious when bypassing ABI checks, as this can cause unpredictable behavior or incompatible builds.