Understanding Rust Error E0567

Introduction to Rust Error E0567

Rust Error E0567 occurs when generics have been used on an auto trait. In Rust, auto traits are traits that are automatically implemented on all existing types. The problem arises when the compiler is unable to infer the types of the trait's generic parameters.

Erroneous code example


auto trait Generic<T> {} // error!
fn main() {}

Particularly, this code will cause the Rust Error E0567 because it attempts to declare an auto trait with a generic type parameter (T). Since auto traits are implemented on all existing types, it creates an ambiguity for the Rust compiler.

Fixing Rust Error E0567

To fix Rust Error E0567, simply remove the generic type parameter from the auto trait, like so:


auto trait Generic {} // ok!
fn main() {}

Now the code will compile successfully because the auto trait has no generic parameters, and the ambiguity for the Rust compiler is resolved.


In conclusion, Rust Error E0567 is a straightforward error which deals with the incorrect usage of generics on auto traits. By removing the problematic generic type parameter and ensuring that your auto trait is free of generic parameters, you can resolve this error. Always pay close attention to the syntax and proper use of generics and auto traits within your Rust codebase to prevent any compilation issues.