Understanding Rust Error E0498: Malformed Plugin Attribute

Introduction to Rust Error E0498

Rust Error E0498 occurs when the #[plugin] attribute is used with invalid arguments. This error message highlights that the plugin feature is not being used correctly and requires adjustment to adhere to the proper syntax.

Erroneous Code Example:

#![plugin(foo(args))] // error: invalid argument
#![plugin(bar="test")] // error: invalid argument
fn main() {


In the above example, Rust Error E0498 is caused by incorrect usage of the #[plugin] attribute. Both the plugin(foo(args)) and plugin(bar="test") attribute attempts are malformed and trigger the error.


To resolve Rust Error E0498, the #[plugin] attribute should be used with a single argument, which is the name of the plugin. Here's a correct example:

Corrected Code Example:

#![plugin(foo)] // ok!
fn main() {

In the corrected example, the #[plugin] attribute is properly used with only the name of the plugin as the argument. In this case, the plugin name is 'foo'. This ensures that the error is resolved.

More Information

For more details on using the plugin feature, refer to the plugin feature section of the Rust Unstable book. Make sure to follow the documentation closely, and always use the correct syntax and arguments when working with Rust plugins to avoid errors like E0498.