Understanding Rust Error E0469: Imported Macro Not Found

Rust Error E0469 Explained

Rust error E0469 occurs when the Rust compiler cannot find a macro listed for import. This could be due to the macro missing from the given crate, or not being exported correctly. To resolve this error, double-check the names of the macros listed for import and ensure the crate exports them.

Erroneous Code Example

#[macro_use(drink, be_merry)] // error: imported macro not found
extern crate alloc;

fn main() {
    // ...

Possible Causes

1. Typo in the macro's name 2. Macro not exported in the given crate 3. Check if the macro exists in the imported crate

Correcting the Error

First, ensure that the macros are correctly exported in the crate where they are defined. Use the #[macro_export] attribute to properly export the macros:

// In some_crate crate:
macro_rules! eat {

macro_rules! drink {

Next, correct the #[macro_use] attribute in your crate. Ensure that you're using the correct macro names and importing them from the appropriate crate:

// In your crate:
#[macro_use(eat, drink)]
extern crate some_crate; //ok!


By verifying the macro names, ensuring they're exported correctly, and checking their presence in the imported crate, you can effectively resolve Rust error E0469.