Rust Error E0462: Understanding and Resolving Found staticlib Instead of rlib or dylib Errors

Overview of Rust Error E0462

Rust Error E0462 occurs when the compiler encounters a crate that is compiled as a staticlib instead of rlib or dylib. This error indicates that the crate cannot be linked as a Rust dependency, mainly because staticlibs are intended for linking with non-Rust applications, such as C programs. In this article, we will dive into the nuances of this error and provide examples and solutions for resolving it.

Understanding the Error

Let's consider the following Rust files: a.rs

#![crate_type = "staticlib"]

fn foo() {}


extern crate a;

fn main() {

In this example, crate a is compiled as a staticlib, which is suitable for linking with non-Rust applications only. This error is triggered because main.rs is attempting to link to a crate that is not compatible with Rust linking.

Resolving Rust Error E0462

Two primary methods can resolve Rust Error E0462: 1. Using Cargo, the Rust package manager, to automatically resolve the issue 2. Recompiling the crate as rlib or dylib, formats suitable for Rust linking

Recompiling the Crate as rlib or dylib

To recompile the crate in a compatible format (either rlib or dylib), you will need to change the crate_type attribute in the a.rs file.

For rlib, update a.rs to:

#![crate_type = "rlib"]

fn foo() {}

For dylib, update a.rs to:

#![crate_type = "dylib"]

fn foo() {}

After making these changes, recompile the crate and relink it to the main application.

Automatic Resolution Using Cargo

Cargo, the Rust package manager, can automatically handle the compilation and linking of crates, ensuring that the appropriate crate types are used. Update the Cargo.toml file to include the dependency for the a crate:

path = "./path/to/a"

By specifying the dependency in Cargo.toml, Cargo will take care of the necessary linking and compilation, ensuring that the appropriate crate types are used.