Understanding Rust Error E0459

Introduction to Rust Error E0459

Rust Error E0459 occurs when a link attribute is used without specifying the required `name` parameter. This parameter is essential for the Rust compiler to locate the external library.

Example of Erroneous Code

fn main() {
    #[link(kind = "dylib")] extern "C" {}
    // error: `#[link(...)]` specified without `name = "foo"`

In the code above, the `link` attribute is specified without a `name` parameter. This will cause the compiler to throw Error E0459.

Fixing Rust Error E0459

To fix Rust Error E0459, you need to provide the `name` parameter in the `link` attribute:

fn main() {
    #[link(kind = "dylib", name = "some_lib")] extern "C" {} // ok!

By specifying the `name` parameter, the Rust compiler now has enough information to find the external library, and the error is resolved.

Common Mistakes Related to Rust Error E0459

1. Misspelling the `name` parameter within the `link` attribute might lead to Rust Error E0459.

2. Providing an incorrect value for the library `name` can also cause this error. Make sure to provide the correct library name.


Rust Error E0459 is caused by missing the required `name` parameter in the `link` attribute. Fixing this error involves providing the `name` parameter with the correct library name. It's essential to be cautious about common mistakes like misspelling the `name` parameter or providing an incorrect library name to avoid this error.

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