Understanding Rust Error E0430

Overview of Rust Error E0430

Rust Error E0430 occurs when the self import appears more than once in the list. This error can be triggered in situations where the developer attempts to import a module and its items using the self keyword multiple times.

Erroneous code example:

fn main() {
  use something::{self, self}; // error: `self` import can only appear once in the list

To fix this error, you should either correct any misspelled import names or remove the duplicated self import.

Fixed code example:

mod something {}

fn main() {
  use something::{self}; // ok!

Diving Deeper into Error E0430

The self keyword in Rust is used to import the module with its items, as well as the module's submodules. It can be particularly useful when working with nested module structures.

Using self in the import is a clean and efficient way to import multiple items from a single module. However, duplication of the self keyword in an import list is unnecessary and would constitute a syntax error, as it would lead to ambiguity and confusion.

Why does Rust not allow multiple self imports?

In Rust, importing a module using self more than once is not allowed since the compiler cannot determine which import should be considered for the imported items. Each self import should cover the entire set of items in the module, and having another self import statement would create an ambiguous situation, where the same item might be imported again, leading to redundancy and potential conflicts.


Rust Error E0430 is encountered when a module is attempted to be imported using the self keyword more than once in the import list. To fix this error, ensure that the self keyword is only used once when importing items from a single module. This will eliminate any ambiguity and allow your Rust code to compile successfully.