Understanding Rust Error E0014

Error E0014 explained

Rust error E0014 occurs when attempting to initialize a const with a non-constant value or a non-const function. Constants must be initialized with a const expression or a call to a const function in future versions of Rust. This error indicates the use of an invalid value or function for a constant.

Erroneous code example

const FOO: i32 = { let x = 0; x };

In the example above, the constant 'FOO' is initialized with a non-constant value 'x'. This will result in the E0014 error.

Correcting the error

To fix this error, use only constant values or const functions to initialize constants. Here's an example of valid code:

const FOO: i32 = { const X : i32 = 0; X };

In this case, the constant 'FOO' is initialized with a valid constant expression 'X'.

Alternatively, you can use a simpler constant expression:

const FOO: i32 = 0;

This code initializes the constant 'FOO' directly with a constant value '0' without the need for brackets.

Benefits of const in Rust

Constants in Rust are useful for values that should never change during program execution. They are immutable and known at compile-time. This allows the compiler to optimize your code and enforce best practices.

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